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Finzplus. Bengaluru, INDIA
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Finzplus software analyzes your business practices and letting you quickly identify how money flows through your operation. When an application manages all your financial transactions, it has extensive data at its disposal to generate various reports like Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Account, Ledger and Customer/Supplier List. You can quickly see how your revenue is divided among different operating costs. You will have all the data you need to run your business at your fingertips.

Benefits Will Be
• Real-time financial visibility and control.
• Especial ledger accounting system that includes general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, fixed assets, project accounting, and billing.

Finzplus software allows you to view the annual reports of the organization. It helps you to know the  value of assets and liabilities of the financial year. By this you can improve the profit of your business.

The ageing report is used for collections personnel to determine which invoices are outstanding for payment. Ageing includes accounts payable and accounts receivable and it provides lists of unpaid customer invoices and unused credit memos by date ranges.

In Finzplus Software quick entry transactions for quickly clearing a stack of transactions of all the products. We can view the detailed information easily and very quickly like customers or vendors related transactions.