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Finzplus. Bengaluru, INDIA
Mon - Fri : 9:00 - 18:00
+91 9901 9652 62


Finzplus helps to make quick decisions. Inventory seamlessly integrates with financial and purchase information to reduce the number of manual item or process hand-offs. It creates transparency across the organization to optimize cash flow and fund business growth.¬†Finzplus software automatically tracks inventory as you process orders. Using this software in inventory tracking has a time-saving advantage along with accuracy of results.¬†Any product sitting on the shelf is a liability that picks away at your business’ profitability. By managing your stock requirements in real-time and increasing inventory turns, your business can make the most out of existing shelf space to improve margins.

Finzplus software monitor and report stock levels, costs and averages. This help you to view inventory levels by category or overall. Product history shows when items were received or sold.