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Finzplus. Bengaluru, INDIA
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Finzplus gives complete solution to address constantly changing requirements in TDS rules & regulations. Flexibility for calculation of TDS and keep track of each transaction from deduction to payment. This allocation feature prevents error-prone data entry and makes transactions faster.

The Finzplus software helps the Accounts & Finance department to monitor the TDS data and generate the TDS certificates on periodical basis and maintain a database of all taxes with the click of a mouse.

The Finzplus software, though in nascent stages of development has gained prominence among the Tax payers and people who fall under the Tax brackets.


This software relieves the executives from the work load of cross checking the data entered manually. A wrong software module will not only increase the cost of implementation but also increases frustration of the users with wrong output. A flawless expiry tracking of delayed TDS payments, excess TDS or shortfall in TDS, calculation of salaries with a formula, integrated solution are some of the many salient features offered by competent Finzplus software.


  • Collection
  • Deduction


  • Collection
  • Deduction

• Accounting for tax on partial/full payment of bills
• Flexibility for auto calculation of TDS
• Complete tracking of each transaction from deduction to payment
• Challan management, printing for prompt and accurate filing of tax
• The Auto allocation feature prevents error-prone data entry and helps track the transactions faster