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Finzplus. Bengaluru, INDIA
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Get a move on in quoting and increase your sales with automated selling. Reduce your quote-to-cash time and streamline your sales process. All transactions related to clients are available with full details. so it reduces the manual way of keeping records.
Using Finzplus software offers wide-ranging organizational benefits for an enterprise, and can help it to achieve its competitive and profit goals. It helps in business budgeting and planning to improve your business.

A Finzplus application provides all the sales related information with upto date. This can help to reduce the challenges and problems faced while handling a large portfolio of accounts. Companies will be able to identify the sales accounts that provide the most promise and revenue. This enables sales managers to distribute and prioritize accounts effectively.
In Sales it includes Proforma Invoice, Invoices and Collections.


  • Paid
  • Unpaid


  • Paid
  • Unpaid

Once customer agrees to the sales terms, quantity and pricing, a proper invoice is sent to them. Proforma Invoice gives a description of the purchased items, notes the cost, shipping weight and transport charges. All the details of proforma invoice will be automatically transferred to the new invoice. You can then email that invoice to your customer.

All data would be organized and stored in one place, which means you won’t have to go scouting around for paper invoices all over your office.

Thanks to Finzplus software, it will be easier for you to search for specific client data as well. You can use the various filters provided, choose from the options, and retrieve the desired information.

It evaluates the how long customers are taking to pay a company. It displays automatically the status of the payments as completed or pending. It shows how much balance is pending from the total amount and how much it is paid already.