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The processing of purchase orders has been simplified and quickened. Vendor and supplier details are easy to view and edit. By using the Finzplus, companies can be in better position to concentrate on areas of business that would boost their profits. In Purchases It includes Purchase Order, Purchases, Payments.


  • Paid
  • Unpaid


  • Paid
  • Unpaid

Purchase records ensure that information is readily available and over time you can build up a picture of purchasing trends and vendor behaviour, which helps with planning, negotiation and budgets. It reduces the fraud work. All the information provided by Finzplus software which is automated.

We can view the purchase details easily according to vendors. Here we can see the status of the payment. No fraud or no issues in payment details because it is automatically generated.

It automatically displays the status of the vendors payments as completed or pending. It shows how much balance is pending from the total amount and how much it is paid. Due date is generated automatically once the payment date is expired.