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Expenses is the tricky area to manage; especially in organizations. With Finzplus software you can easily get grips with cash spending. Expenses are particularly effective for finance departments which need to take control on that. This software helps you to manage financial accounts and avoid loses.

It saves money and time with this software. Effectively manage petty cash, travel, and mileage and entertainment expense. It helps to avoid unnecessary expenses. We can view all the expenses at a time or get reports with data you need. Compare cash withdrawn vs. Cash spent and accounted for. Settle with speed and accuracy.

It Provides:
• Secure point of entry control – prevents unauthorized transactions.
• Electronic input of receipts – control for branch and local managers.
• Minimize the potential for mistakes – reduce handling errors.
• Reduce fraud – minimize fraudulent claims and theft.
• Can be policy driven – establish and reinforce limits of acceptable spend.
• Accurate summaries – closing balances and cash owed.
• Denomination breakdown – know what’s in the cash boxes.


  • Income
  • Expediture


  • Income
  • Expediture
  • Easy management of advances and settlements.
  • List of unsettled advances any time. Pettycash receiver wise reports.
  • Expense wise/Expense group wise reports and charts.
  • Running balance is maintained by system.
  • Low cost
  • Analysis reports for pettycash expenses.
  • Automatic tallying / management of advances issued.
  • Manage expense heads and cost centers as per requirement
  • Built-in alerts for late settlement of advances.